Our Story


Lauri is a master stylist and has been in the industry since 2001. She has had many accomplishments over her career; however, creating JoLa Professional is a dream come true.   

Fun fact about her, as a young girl, she had always dreamed of her life as a stylist. It was always, go big or go home. She succeeded at that.  

She loves fashion, art, and music. She is also creative with all her life avenues and is excited to see what adventures are ahead.


Josiah Reed is a master makeup artist + fashion photographer. He has worked in the makeup industry since 2001. He started his career with MAC cosmetics and many other well-known artists and cosmetic companies. He soon after started his journey with fine art photography in 2007.  

His images have been published in Rolling Stone, New York Times, Fader, Billboard magazine, and many other well-known brands.  

Josiah may have many talents, but a fun fact is he loves the piano. He learned to play by ear at three years old. He enjoys hiking on the weekends and enjoys rock climbing. A man of adventure for sure!

Jola Professional is the latest most outstanding name in professional hair tools + products

Meet Lauri and Josiah, founders and creators of JoLa Professional. Each of them bring 20+ plus years of experience to the industry. Their collaboration of sweet, spice, and everything nice, creates inventive ways to problem solve stylist issues they didn't know existed. Their intuitive minds put work-life irritants to rest, making work flow easily. This journey began with the thought, "We have to end the flipping flip already!" Like magic, The Comb was created.

The Comb is the first innovative tool to launch in the JoLa line, and there is still so much more in the works with new additions to come. JoLa's professional mission is reengineering and reimagining hair tools to bring a whole new level of quality to the stylist's life.